Business operations
on mobile devices

From simple checklists to complex business logic,
bullet digitizes your paper-based processes

We will not use your data for anything else, promised!

Professional Platform
for Business Digitalization

Move the paper-based parts of your business operations onto mobile devices
and reap in a diverse set of business benefits.

Cut Overhead

Without having to print, move, scan and retrieve physical paper work can progress a lot faster. And taking a picture is often better than writing a lengthy textual description.

Increase Quality

With improved and more detailed support from a smart device (like an image or video showing how to do things) business process quality, like consistency and repeatability, will increase.

Integrate with Anything

Processes driven by a mobile device can easily interface with the world at the touch of a button. And scanning barcodes, RFID tags or other physical markers is just as easy.

Measure Everything

A smart device can easily collect a wealth of important business data, like time stamps, geo locations or even environmental data, without any extra effort from the operator.

Manage Effortlessly

Supervising operations, rolling out changes and communicating within teams is a lot easier when everything is running electronically.

Cooperate Seamlessly

With fully digital processes physical distances become irrelevant. And since a smart device can present all data in the exact format required, interface friction can be minimized.

Archive Automatically

With business data always available in electronic form secure archiving can be fully automized and nothing will ever be lost or forgotten.

Gain superior insights

Full-text search across everything? A break-down of process step timings across factory sites? Easy, if no paper must be involved.

Improve Accountability

Who performed process step X on March 18th? Why was a certain decision taken? With the right technical solution full auditability is a non-issue.


Mobile First

bullet is built from the ground up for business operations taking place in the field, away from the desk.

Offline First

bullet works flawlessly even with limited connectivity or completely offline. Because it must.

Powerful & Flexible

The underlying technology is highly customizable and supports even the most complicated business logic.

iOS and Android

bullet gives you full flexibility with regard to what mobile hardware you prefer.

Detailed Audit Logs

bullet provides you with a detailed trail of all activity.

Fully Redundant

Our cloud platform offers a 99.99% SLA uptime guarantee with full hardware and network redundancy.

Easy to Integrate

The bullet platform can easily interface with all your existing IT infrastructure or external services.

Top-notch Support

The happiness of our customers is our number-one focus. If something is not quite right we will not rest until it's fixed.

Non-US Datacenters

All your data are strictly kept in data centers that are outside of US jurisdiction.



Private individuals

  • 1 User
  • 1 GB Total Storage
  • Basic Integrations


Small- and mid-sized organisations

19€ / user
/ month
  • unlimited Users
  • 10 GB Storage / User
  • Full Integrations


NGOs, public education

  • up to 100 Users
  • 100 GB Total Storage
  • Full Integrations

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